Tuition & Fees

Although many students will receive financial assistance for their graduate education, students are responsible for ensuring that they have the means to support themselves, and the ability to pay tuition and fees due the university. Below is a summary of expected costs. All figures are estimates for 2023-2024 and are subject to change. For detailed information on the complete cost of attendance for PhD and master’s students, visit The Graduate School Cost to Attend webpage,

PhD Tuition

PhD tuition is charged on a per semester basis. The tuition charge for PhD students in their first three years of study is $31,310 per academic semester. Upon approval of the academic dean, one semester of credit may be granted for PhD candidates entering with a previous graduate degree or for one semester of non-degree graduate-level work done at Duke prior to matriculation. Students in their fourth year of study and beyond are charged a reduced tuition rate of $4,325 per academic term. All PhD students in years of funding will be charged the tuition rate of $4,325 for the summer 2024 term, unless on approved leave.

Master’s Tuition

Master’s tuition for full-time study is charged on a per semester basis. The tuition charge for full-time research master’s students is $31,310 per academic semester. Tuition rates for Master of Fine Arts, Teaching, and Liberal Studies are available by contacting the respective program. Master’s students are required to enroll in and pay tuition for three full-time semesters of study, or the part-time equivalent thereof. Some master's programs, such as Medical Physics, Population Health Sciences, and Fine Arts, require four semesters of enrollment. Upon meeting the three-semester requirement, master’s students may convert to part-time academic status and will be charged a per credit rate for all remaining credits. The per credit rate is $3,635. Master’s students are also charged a part-time rate for summer coursework, not to exceed half the full-time rate for each summer term. Incoming students who are approved to attend on a part-time basis are also charged the current per credit rate.

Student Health Fee

All full-time students and part-time degree candidates are assessed a fee each semester for the use of the Student Health Service. For fall and spring, the fee is estimated at $945 ($472.50 per semester). For summer 2024, the fee is estimated at $337. This fee is distinct from health and dental insurance and does not provide major medical coverage.

Recreation Fee

Graduate students will be charged a recreation fee for the use of on-campus facilities. The fee is $180 per semester. Use of the recreational facilities and payment of the fee is optional for PhD students in their sixth or later years.

Student Activity and Student Services Fees

All graduate students will be charged student activity fees of $18.25 and student services fees of $11.50 per academic semester.

Transcript Fee

All entering students will be charged a one-time mandatory fee of $120 for transcripts. This fee entitles the student to an unlimited number of Duke transcripts. Requests for transcripts of academic records can be made via DukeHub, Duke’s online student records system, which can be accessed at

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Marine Laboratory Fee

For Marine Laboratory investigators’ research table fee, please contact the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Audit Fee

Auditing classes is permitted on a space available basis with the consent of the instructor. Degree-seeking students may audit courses without charge during the fall and spring terms. An audit fee will be charged for all non-degree students in any term, and may be charged for degree-seeking students during the summer term, depending on the course.

Parking Fee

Students should contact the University Parking and Transportation Services Office regarding parking fees.